All Too Real Players

return to the 2005 Rogue Performance Festival with…




under the direction of

Marcel Nunis

Found Object Puppetry

40 minutes, Rated PG

Content: junk, ninjas and more junk



The 2005 Rogue Performance Festival will feature over 150 performances in 11 different venues for 9 solid days of entertainment. Rogue Festival organizers project that festival attendance will top 6,000 people.


Rogue audiences will see every kind of art and entertainment -- theater, music, dance, independent film, visual art, spoken word, stand-up comedy, found-object puppetry and magic.


The 2005 Rogue Performance Festival will be held March 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 at 11 different venues throughout Fresno.


Returning from their critically acclaimed run at Rogue 2004, the All Too Real Players have spun a brand new storm of a show for you! “Junkology” brings you laughs and tears with a whimsical look at the secret lives of junk.


The All Too Real Players is comprised of SOUL students form the Theatre 2 class. Their show entitled “Junk Funk, ” bowled over audiences at the 2004 Rogue.  At every performance there was a audible gasp from the audience when the masked puppeteers revealed themselves as High School Students. In 2004 the company earned the “Rogue Sold Out Award” and critical acclaim for their performances.


Here is a sampling of responses:



"But Where Was the Kitchen Sink? Ever seen a strainer faint? A mop wear sunglasses? A slow-motion martial arts kick, a la "The Matrix," performed by linen shaped like a woman? The All Too Real Players' "Junk Funk," described as "found object puppetry," is a labor-intensive foray into making something from next-to-nothing. Up to eight puppeteers -- covered in futuristic monkwear designed to make them disappear into the black background -- were required to bring the characters to life… the last act, in which several sets of clothing go a-courtin', has romance, laughs and even a touch of regret. Fun, particularly for kids.” - The Fresno Bee

“I will never look at a strainer the same way again!” - Mallory Moad, performance artist.


Do join us in supporting our students in this international arts festival! All tickets go on sale half an hour before show-time at the performance venue.


Tickets: $5 general $2.50 students


7:00 PM, Friday, March 4 *Starline Performance Venue, 833 Fern

8:30 PM, Saturday, March 5 *Dianna’s Dance Studio, 726 N. Fulton

4:00 PM, Sunday, March 6 *Starline Performance Venue, 833 Fern

5:30 PM, Saturday, March 12 *Starline Performance Venue, 833 Fern


* Latecomers will NOT be admitted.





* "Rap Canterbury Tales,"
Babasword Productions
(Vancouver, Canada)
* "Junkology,"
All Too Real Players (Fresno, CA)
* "Prince Charming,"
Tim Ereneta (Berekley, CA)
* "Adventures of a Substitute Teacher,"
Other Fish to Fry Productions (San Francisco, CA)
* "More Songs from London,"
Kien Lim (London, United Kingdom)

Promo Pic from Rogue 2005


Best argument for recycling: The local high school performers who make up the All Too Real Players turn a couple of small shirts, two pairs of miniature tennis shoes, caps, a tennis ball, small basket, spatula and a few other pieces of junk into the characters for their puppet performance.

Performers dress in all black. That makes them the coolest men (and women) in black since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The group rewrote their show just weeks before the Rogue Festival. They have included a very moving story about the lives changed and lost after a large tidal wave.---


I was very impressed when I learned that the puppeteers were high school students! The really brought life to inanimate objects. The storytelling was quite ambitious and moving! Great job guys!--Joe Halpen

Junkology (All Too Real Players) -- not your average puppet show!

Instead of banking on the popularity of last year's comic production, All Too Real Players have taken a chance this time around by presenting a story that is touching and thought-provoking rather than belly-laugh inducing. They successfully pull it off with skill and sensitivity. And don't pass up the opportunity to test-drive a puppet after the show. You'll find it's not as easy as these creative young performers make it look!-- Mallory Moad






Poster from Rogue 2004! click it to see our listing!